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How does it work

Our reseller program is simple and you can start earning money right away.

- Sign up and create a reseller account

- Login into your myaccount. You will have the option to create and manage your customers accounts.

- Decide if your customers should be reseller as well (if they are you will also earn money on the traffic generated by their customers)

- Create ratelists for your customers applying the rates you wants. This way you can decide the margin you want to make. You can create exceptions and special offers for some destinations.

- Collect money from your customers and choose the calling amounts you grant them.

- Fund your reselling account

- Give your customers their SIP details to call.



How do I make money

You get your ratelist from us. Then create a ratelist for your customers where you chose your margin.
After that we remove the virtual amount from your customer's account according to YOUR enduser ratelist.

The difference is for you!!


Your rate for Argentina mobile is 0,16 EUR
You decide to get 20% margin from your customer.
Your customer rate for Argentina mobile is 0,192 EUR (0,16 + 20%)
For a 5 min call, we will charge you 0,80 EUR and we will charge your customer 0,96 EUR. So your profit for that call is 0,16 EUR.


You are free to choose your own rates for your customers, so you can set the margins for each destination
You can make different ratelists for different customers
You can select a fixed margin (for ex. 10% on all destinations) or make custom lists
You can choose the min amount per minute that you wish to earn
You decide the billing increment for your customers
Your customers can also be resellers and create their own customers accounts. You will earn your profit margin on these calls as well
Logging on to the administration unit for your reselling system is seperated from the login page for your customers

Calling Rates

Delhi................. 1¢

Tel Aviv.............. 1¢

Tokyo................. 1¢

Viet-Voice came up with several clever features to make it even easier to call your friends and family, meet new people, get an answer to your questions and to manage your calls..

See How it Works

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