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Smart and simple wireless broadband


Wireless broadband for your home
Philips Wi-Fi products enable you to send, direct and receive wireless signals and unleash the full potential of your connected home. Access computers, other Wi-Fi-compliant devices and a broadband connection to enjoy your favourite content

Share broadband Internet throughout the house

Multiple PCs connect to one Wireless Base Station

Get more out of a single Internet subscription with connecting more than one PC and have one Internet membership. All Philips Wireless Base Stations automatically make Internet available for all connected PCs in the house!

Multiple users can access the internet at the same time

The Philips Wireless Base Station can share your wired/wireless broadband connection into your home network. You can use wired or wirless connections for connecting PCs, streamium or other PC releated products to the internet

Intergrated ADSL modem

Constant high-speed wireless connection

High speed performance allows extremely fast data transport and data access. This might avoid longer waiting times to access data of any kind.

Easy to install

Set-up wizard guides you through installation

Internet and local phone support

Set-up options for basic or advanced installation

The Philips Wireless Base Station shows in the web based interface the option basic or advanced. With choosing one of the selections you will be automatically guided through the settings of the base station. The program will give you quick installation and connection. Advanced installation will guide you through multiple settings such as Wireless, Firewall, parental control etc..

Safe and secure connection - High level security protection

Wireless security provided by Wi-Fi. In some instances, WAP, WEP or Tkip may be all you need to protect wireless data. WEP is available in 40-bit (also called 64-bit), or in 108-bit (also called 128-bit) encryption modes. As 108-bit encryption provides a longer algorithm that takes longer to decode, it can provide better security than basic 40-bit (64-bit) encryption.

Advanced firewall protection

A firewall is a program that runs constantly in the background of the Philips Wireless Base Station. The firewall protects your network from Internet attacks. Setting as FTP, DMZ and many more can be set via the easy setup wizard

Parental control options

The Philips Wireless Base Station employs the basic parental control features of URL blocking, Domain blocking, and IP address blocking. It can be effectively employed quickly through the intuitive web-based configuration interface of the Philips Wireless Base Station. Multiple filter features are supported when accessing the Internet, based on a site's domain name, URL, and/or IP address.

Wireless freedom

Access Internet, files, music and more anywhere in the house

The Philips Wireless Base Station can be connected to the broadband Internet and gives your PC and other clients wired or wireless access to services such as sharing files, streaming files, music, video or pictures.

Wireless networks bring flexibility

Wireless gives you the ability to install PCs or clients in the house wherever you want. Laptop users can even sit in the garden and be on-line with the office, Internet or home network. Connects to any Wi-Fi device

Wi-Fi certification ensures that you can communicate with all other Wi-Fi products. The Wi-Fi committee exists of Philips, Microsoft, IBM, Dell en some others that set industrial standards.


Tuner / Reception / Transmission
Frequency range : Operates on 2.4 GHz MHz
Data transfer speed : 54 Mbps
Plug & Play : yes
Wireless connections : Wireless LAN(802.11b/g)
Wireless LAN : 802.11b/g
WLAN security support : WEP, WPA
System Requirements
CD-ROM drive : yes
PC OS : Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Mac OS : 9-X and higher
Technical specifications
Complies with : Wi-Fi Certified
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